Photography by Shai Epstein
6B Studio is the largest multidisciplinary design and architecture school in Israel. Since its doors opened over a decade and a half ago, 6B Studio's dynamic curriculum, spearheaded by masters in their fields, has turned it into an unparalleled hub of creation and innovation.
6B Studio's main branch is located in Tel Aviv's architectural heart, with classes being held in a breathtaking, five-storey building.
The studio offers four schools that are catered to suit the individual's needs and schedule.

The Professional Design School


The School of Visual Communications offers experience and hands-on knowledge of everything to do with digital design. Taught by a faculty of industry professionals, students are immersed in a unique environment that not only focuses on the technological and creative aspects of digital advertising, web and application design, but also offers a broader understanding of how people interact with the web.


Photography by Itay Sikolski
The School of Interior Design accompanies students on a journey into the interior design community by fusing theoretical studies with practical work experience on real projects. Integrating stylistic precedents with current and future trends, students of the School of Interior Design develop design solutions that are sustainable, functional and innovative.


The School of Fashion Design nurtures students to become leaders in the global fashion industry. Guiding students from the creative process and principles of design through to its practical application, the School of Fashion Design prepares students for real-life employment.

The Design and Architecture Preparatory Program

Photography by Gideon Levin
The Preparatory Program is the most comprehensive program in Israel for students hoping to gain acceptance into leading design institutions around the world. With a 90% success rate, the program mentors students in a holistic array of studies that include architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, textile and jewelry design.


6B PRO was established for professional designers who are already working. Reflecting the increased demand for design and its evolving role in the 21st century, 6B PRO ensures that designers stay up-to-date and relevant with current trends and technologies in addition to boosting their existing portfolios. Understanding that today's designers are being asked to reinvent themselves with ever-increasing frequency, 6B PRO is a custom-created program to help designers in all fields do just that.

Enrichment Courses

Photography by Itay Sikolski
Enrichment Courses are taught throughout the year and span a variety of subjects, giving access to 6B Studio's exceptional faculty and resources without being a full-time student.


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